About Us

GMS World is startup delivering solutions based on geolocation.

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Currently we are delivering number of projects including Landmark Manager, Hotels on Map and Device Locator.

Landmark Manager is mashup aggregating places from multiple services including Facebook, Foursquare, Yelp, Booking.com and others. Check in at places you are visiting, find daily deals, book hotel, find route and many more...

Key features:

  • Check-in at Facebook Places, Foursquare or Google,
  • Auto Check-In: check-in automatically to your favourite places,
  • Find out where your Facebook or Foursquare friends checked-in,
  • Create custom layers,
  • Send updates to Facebook, Twitter, Google Blogger and LinkedIn,
  • Find daily deals from Groupon, 8 Coupons and Foursquare Merchant,
  • Check hotel prices and book rooms with Booking.com,
  • Find ATMs, parkings or routes,
  • Find events from LastFM, MeetUp and Eventful,
  • Record and save your route,
  • Import points of interest from kml files,
  • See photos from Panoramio, Flickr and Picasa,
  • See Webcams from Windy Webcams API,
  • Link your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, Foursquare or GMS World accounts,
  • Share selected landmark details via Mail, SMS, Facebook, Twitter and many more,
  • Send geo messages to Blogeo,
  • Call selected place,
  • Calculate route from your current position to selected point of interest.

Hotels on Map is hotel booking facility allowing you to search for hotels around location you'll choose on the map or based on your browser location.

Device Locator allows you to manage your device remotely with SMS or cloud commands. You can also track your device location and record route. Read more about Device Locator commands here.

Using our technology we are delivering following solutions:

  • Mobile marketing
  • QR codes based location
  • Augmented reality apps
  • Geo Games
  • Mobile security